Providing Legal Solutions That Give You Peace Of Mind

Providing Peace Of Mind For Clients In Tough Civil, Family And Criminal Cases

Having any kind of legal problem is stressful; having a complex legal need is far more difficult. You may have trouble finding a lawyer to take your case. Or you may be considering someone who is inexperienced or who charges exorbitant fees.

At RC Law Group in Tulsa, I represent people who have unique legal cases in Oklahoma and throughout the U.S. My clients trust and rely on me because of my experience — I have handled dozens of trials — and my unwavering dedication.

I offer many benefits that other lawyers do not, including:

  • No billable hour requirements: Other law firms charge a minimum hourly rate. I don’t. You only pay for the hours your legal matter actually requires.
  • No crazy fees: I keep my overhead costs low in order to provide you top-quality service at a price you can afford.
  • Direct access to your lawyer: You will be able to call your lawyer directly and get answers fast!
  • On-time guarantee: I will get my research back to you as quickly as possible with a due date in mind.

To learn more about me and my legal experience, please see my profile:

What Makes My Practice Unique?

My commitment to my clients and their complex cases sets me apart from many other attorneys. I am not looking for easy cases with quick resolutions. Instead, I am proud to offer experienced litigation services to the people who need them most in divorce and family law, cases involving civil litigation, and criminal law cases.

The general process for every case I handle starts with these four points:

  1. I listen to you.
  2. I present strategic options for achieving your goals.
  3. I present pricing options based our chosen strategy.
  4. I implement a plan for achieving the outcome you need.

In addition, I offer a free consultation to discuss your case and determine how I may help you.

Caring With Clients – Tough On the Opposition

I treat all parties with respect, but will also fight hard when the other party will not negotiate. To set up a free consultation to talk with me, please call my Tulsa office at 918-984-1544 or send me an email.